My work is mostly about accessibility of space. I am asking the viewer what and where are the boundaries of the space we live in. For better understanding I can give brief explanation with the example of the computer generated world (CGW). I can see there so many similarities with our reality even if the CGW is created by man there is always a space which is meant to be discovered and then space all around it, which is sort of necessity and is not intended to be discovered although they both must be there because one cannot exist without the other. I see a similar situation in our everyday reality, where the world created by us is a synonym to thoughts, ideas and rules, the world built by man such as cities, houses and apartments. There is a simultaneous reality to this one, existing beyond the borders of the human world. We know it as the unconsciousness, instincts or more physically the nature or cosmos. Let me call it the Native Reality. In the work I try to achieve this Native Reality and hide it in such a way that a viewer cannot describe it, but only feel the existence of it. As well as in reality we are not able to consciously make a decision about using only subconscious thoughts or going to live into the wilderness and become an animal, the viewer feels the urgency to follow the pre-setup reality instead of looking for the Native Reality. In my work there is always many ways to take, I want it to create a felling of accessibility although I like the medium of painting exactly from the reason of creating an illusion which is somehow open for entering but at the same time it’s just an illusion on a flat surface, what we cannot physically enter it. Painting in my work is a vocabulary which is explaining and showing what is the meaning because it is the freest medium in the way of depiction. Than a maquette is being a connection between the illusion and physical reality. It brings the installation from fiction closer to the reality.
      The whole concept is completed with small details integrated into the space of the installation such as uncovered fake ceiling or a tiny gap in the corner of the room. I want the viewer to start to think in this way about all the space we live in. In painting I use strange kind of depiction of space, I combine several descriptive ways for depicting space in order to make the usual way a bit more unpleasant to enter, so that the viewer will start to look for something else.

-Martin Gabriel-

    created by Martin Gabriel